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Romantic plans on Ibiza

Ibiza is known for being a destination people fall in love with, which has even turned into a popular saying among outsiders living on the island, and the truth is that almost everyone who comes to the island, does so for love. In any event, Ibiza is a veritable paradise for love birds, and we will show this by giving you some ideas for romantic plans on the island.


Enjoying the sunset.

One of the very best things to do on the island is to enjoy Ibiza’s gorgeous sunsets. They may be seen from the entire west and north coasts, although we recommend the best places to enjoy the sunset here.


Strolling among almond trees in bloom.

January and February are when Ibiza’s characteristic almond trees are in bloom, their white and pink flowers filling the countryside with beauty. Due to the sheer amount of trees there, one of the best locations for enjoying this natural spectacle is the Pla de Corona esplanade in Santa Inés, which is inland. A beautiful, simple walk that may be rounded up nicely at the Las Puertas del Cielo restaurant.


Exploring Dalt Vila.

Ibiza’s historical centre has been granted World Heritage Status by UNESCO, and it is highly recommended for anyone visiting the island. Walking around its alleys hand in hand, buying some handicrafts in its quaint boutiques, having something to eat or drink in one of its terraces, taking in the panoramic views or kissing in one of its well-preserved bastions is something you should not miss out on.


Spending the day in Formentera.

Even if it is just for the day, going on a romantic outing to this veritable paradise just an hour away by boat from Ibiza is one of the best plans anyone could hope for as a couple. Endless white-sanded beaches, transparent waters, paths that lead to hidden corners, secret bay beaches... The flame of love will almost certainly burn once again after a visit to Formentera.


Romantic dining.

Ibiza is filled with charming restaurants to enjoy romantic evening soirées together. Some of the most special ones are Sa Capella, which is set in an old shrine, Amante, which is on a cliff overlooking the sea, Can Berri Vell, on top of San Agustín… You may find more information here: Romantic restaurants on Ibiza.


Couple’s spa.

Is there anything more enjoyable than relaxing in a luxurious spa? Ibiza has numerous spas to choose from. One of the most special spas (and also one of the most expensive) is the one in Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena, which is in the north of Ibiza and boasts some amazing suspended waterfalls. Other highly recommended ones include Can Curreu, the spa at Atzaró, Zentropia at Hotel Palladium, Ibiza Gran Hotel’s Open Spa and Aguas de Ibiza’s Prestige.


Horseback outings.

Ibiza has numerous stables and companies offering horseback outings, even along the beach, like Can Mayans in San Lorenzo , Can Mayol in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza Horses in San José and Es Puig in Santa Gertrudis


Visiting the Torre des Savinar tower.

The island features seven defence towers, and one of the best-known is Torre des Savinar. It boasts one of the most impressive views of the famous Es Vedrà islet, about which countless legends and myths are told. It is a simple excursion that may be culminated by enjoying the nearby Cala d’Hort beach and its outstanding rice and seafood restaurants, like El Carmen, Cala d’Hort or Es Boldadó.


Gazing up into the night sky and the meteor showers.

Ibiza’s countryside has very little light pollution, which allows for enjoying beautiful night skies during your evenings on the island. A cheap, yet enjoyable activity to do as a couple is to find a peaceful corner, prepare a picnic, pick up a bottle of wine and enjoy the night sky in privacy. Additionally, in August, there are the Meteor Showers or Perseids, also known as San Lorenzo’s tears. A phenomenon that repeats every year and that may be enjoyed in all its splendour on Ibiza. Oh, and you mustn’t forget to ask for a wish for every shooting star you see!