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Jet-ski excursions around Ibiza


As there are so many coves, beaches and gorgeous spots all along its coast, hiring a jetski is really worthwhile. This is  a fun water sport where you will relish a combination of the sea breeze and a speed rush. There is a choice of one or two seaters, with a range of ccs and horse powers, but driving them in general pretty straightforward.

Do I need a license to rent a jet ski?

Nonetheless, as jetskis are a type of vessel, you need to be aware that a special license is required to rent them and this varies depending on the motor’s horse power.

  • Up to 55 hp you need a type C driver’s license.
  • Between 55 hp and 110 hp, a type B license
  • Above 110 hp, type A.
  • If you have them, the following Spanish qualifications are also valid: PNB (Patrón de Navegación básica) PER ((Patrón de Embarcaciones de Recreo), or título de Patrón de Yate o de Capitán.

However you always have the option to join in an organised guided trip where there is no need for any license

Where can I go on jet-ski excursions?

Some of the most popular and liked jet ski tours in the waters of Ibiza are:

Cala Comte

Usually including a tour of Cala Comte, Cala Bassa, s’Illa des Bosc and sa Conillera

Ses Margalides

These islands off the San Antonio coast can only be reached by jet ski or small boat.

Es Vedrà

You can circumnavigate this island renowned for its special magnetism and peculiar shape; don’t forget that you are not permitted to disembark there unless you have a special permit.

All of these options have the added bonus of the opportunity to catch an amazing sunset as you drive.

Where to rent a jet ski on Ibiza?

There are loads of companies on Ibiza for jet ski hire, either  for a full or a half day, or who offer guided jet ski tours:

Es Vedrà Charter in the port of San Antonio or Ibiza Jet Ski Rent in Es Caló (San José) both have a varied tour programme.

There are other rental companies to choose from:

A 30 Nudos

Charter en Ibiza

Nautiluxe Rentals

Yacht Water Sports 

Tips for using jet skis

When using jet skis it is fundamental that you respect the zones where jet skiing is permitted and that you never encroach the designated bathing zones. These zones are always marked with buoys and when you rent the jet ski you will be told where it is safe to go, but there is no harm in us reminding you that driving at over 3 knots within 200 metres of the coast is forbidden.

An entrance and exit passage is always specifically marked,Here too you should take extreme caution as there may be swimmers, and of course maintain a speed of under 3 knots. Even though you are in the sea and the wind and splash keep you cool, it is imperative that you use sunscreen protection.