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How to book



  • All our services and facilities are adapted to the new regulations applied by COVID-19
  • When you make your reservation for one of our villas, you can modify the dates of your reservation or obtain a refund for the total amount paid (less an administrative fee (150.-€); if you are affected by any of the following circumstances within 30 days prior to the date of your stay:

-     If new entry bans decreed in Spain are established

-     If mandatory confinement / quarantine measures are established in Spain (which cannot be avoided with a negative COVID test)

-     If you are subject to mandatory confinement / quarantine in your place of origin.

• • Because the World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, we cannot apply the force majeure policy to all cancellations related to COVID and its consequences, by failing to consider an unforeseen or unexpected circumstance, Therefore we recommend hiring travel insurance and in the case of testing positive for COVID and / or being subject to a quarantine for having been in contact with an infected person, please contact your insurance provider travel on the coverages you have related to any of these assumptions

Ibiza Rural Villas offers two ways of placing a booking:

The easiest and fastest way of booking with us is through our webpage, using the “Search” option to browse through our catalogue and find your perfect holiday home. Introducing your travel dates, only the available accommodations will appear. Once you have chosen your villa you can book through our webpage pressing the BOOK NOW button, filling out and sending us the booking form.

Within 48 hours we will acknowledge the villa and your travel dates by sending you an email containing a Renting Contract as well as the General Booking Conditions. Both documents should be filled out, signed and returned.

You now have 3 to maximum 7 days time (depending on travel date and conditions of the villa), to send us the following documents, either scanned and sent by email, or by fax:

  • The Contract and the General Booking Conditions, both signed. You are herewith accepting the terms of the contract and the general booking conditions.
  • Copy of the payment. Bank transfer of 50% or 40% (depending on the conditions of the chosen villa) of the total amount or full payment, depending on the kind of booking.
  • Copy of your Passport or Idendity Card

If you wish to pay with credit card (we accept VISA and MASTERCARD), the Contract contains a field for your credit card details that you can fill out. You also have between 3 and maximum 7 days to send us the contract, filled out and signed, as well as the general booking conditions, and your copy of passport of idendity card.

48 hours after receiving the documents we will debit your credit card. Please note that payments with credit cards will have a surplus charge 2% of the debited amount.

Once we have received all the necessary documents, and if the payment with credit card has been debited, we will send the definite booking confirmation in form of a VOUCHER, containing detailed information regarding your booking according to the agreed conditions.

Please note that until you receive the voucher, the booking of your villa is not guaranteed.

The Contract specifies the time you have to send us the necessary documents, in case we don't receive anything or if we don't hear from you, your booking will automatically be cancelled. In case you need more time to send us the documents, please contact us so that we can hold your booking. During certain dates, the availabilities of our villas can change within seconds.

The other option to place a booking is getting in touch with us directly through our form (), sending us an email to our address or calling us on +34 971 80 05 or +34 620 84 39 51 Let us know your travel dates, number of people, approximate estimate, and we will contact you as soon as possible, offering different options.

It is very important that you inform us about your arrival (arrival time, flight number, port of destination if you're coming on a ferry) in order to attend without much delay. You can also send us this information at a later time via email.

Ibiza Rural Villas offers personal attention and a staff member will meet you at the airport or a meeting point to escort you to the villa. We can also send you a croquis how to get to the villa and meet you there.

  • If you arrive out of office hours, we will inform you about a meeting point one week prior to your arrival date. For arrivals later than 20:00 hrs, an extra fee of 30 to 40 € can be applied.

Our aim is to make your holidays as safe and secure as possible, before and after booking with us. We will be at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 dasy a week. Contact us at +34 620 84 39 51



1. IBIZA RURAL VILLAS, company of real estate services, represented by Punia-Laksmi Blessing, CIF: B16528275, manages and formalizes the present contract of renting in name and representation of the owner.

2. PRICES: The rental price is subject to the number of people, characteristics and equipment of the rental home. The formalization of booking for a number of people superior to the number of beds with which it is equipped, and whenever the characteristics of the rental home and the norm applicable to the case allow it, will suppose the collection of a supplement for each extra bed.

3.      FORMALIZATION OF BOOKINGS: IBIZA RURAL VILLAS will send by fax or email to the client interested in booking a rental contract, accompanied by the general conditions. From that moment the client has five days to confirm the booking by the following system sending by fax or email to IBIZA RURAL VILLAS the following documentation:

a.)     Receipt with date and stamp of the bank, stating the payment between 40%  - 50% of the total price to bank account of IBIZA RURAL VILLAS or to Bank Account of the owner, as required.

b.)     Rental contract signed

c.)      Copy of passport or identity card

Formalized the booking, IBIZA RURALVILLAS will confirm by means email, moment at which the booking is considered firm and will be of application, in the case of prevention of condition 7 in the matter of expenses of cancellation.

(*)    Except for last minute bookings (these are bookings made 2 weeks prior to arrival date), for which the confirmation time is two days.

3.1    MAXIMUM OCCUPATION: the renter is at any moment committed to respect the maximum number of occupants whom the house accepts and/or the exact number of people when booking, reason why in no case an increased number is allowed. Violation of this will be seen as breach of contract and Ibiza Rural Villas will take other measures like extra collection,can lead to forfeiture of security deposit or directly the evacuation. Any additional person occupying the rental property could result in loss of security deposit. Only amount of people mentioned above are accepted as part of rental group.

4.    DEPOSIT: The renter or their visitors are responsible of the possible flaws and/or damages that can be produced in the rental home and commit themselves to take care of the rental home, as well as to inform IBIZA RURAL VILLAS of any damage or flaw. When receiving the keys, the renter will have to deposit in cash to IBIZA RURAL VILLAS an amount that will guarantee the good maintenance and use, conservation, repair, replacement and cleaning of the rental home. The client has 48 hours to make sure of the good state of the rental home and to inform IBIZA RURAL VILLAS of the existence of any flaw or damage in the house. This security deposit will be held by Ibiza Rural Villas and returned upon inspection of the property. You are responsible for all damage or loss which occurs to the property or its contents during your occupation and for paying any appropriate compensation.

5.    Check-in/Check-out: The rental period will start between 15:00 – 16:00 hours, to 10:00-10:30 hours (as applicable in each house) of the last day of stay, on which the keys will have to be returned to IBIZA RURAL VILLAS. In order to optimize the service it is essential that the hours of check-in and check-out are respected as perform.

6.      The owner assumes no responsibility for injuries or death to persons renting and/or guests on the rental property. The owner shall not be responsible for any loss, breach or delay beyond our reasonable control, including though, but not limited to, act of God, explosion, flood, tempest, fire or accident, war or threat of war, civil disturbance, acts, restrictions, regulations, by-laws, or measures of any kind on the part of governmental or local authority, strikes. Lockouts or other industrial actions or disputes or adverse weather conditions. In any such case we shall be entitled to treat the contract as discharged. In the event of such a discharge our liability shall be limited to the return of the sums paid to us in respect of the unused portion of the rental calculated on a pro rata daily basis.

         The owner cannot be held responsible for the breakdown of mechanical equipment, nor for failure of public utilities such as water, electricity and gas. Or for any water wells feeding the rental property. The owner is not responsible for noise and disturbance originating beyond the boundaries of the rental property or anything which is beyond our control.

7.    Children to be supervised at all times, especially around the swimming pool.

8.      Owner advises client to purchase some form of travel insurance to protect them and their valuables. The owner and Agency assumes no responsibility for the valuables of the Clients. You should be careful to protect these valuable items well; The House insurance does not protect household valuables in the safe.

9.    No pets allowed on the rental property without written permission by the owner.

10. While all the photographs you see and descriptions you read of the rental property are fundamentally correct, we cannot accept responsibility if minor errors or differences in the photographs / illustrations / text used and the actual property arise. The owner reserve the right to make modifications to the property specification that are considered necessary in the light of operating requirements. In the interest of continued improvements the owner reserve the right to alter furniture, fittings, amenities, facilities, or any activities, either advertised or previously available, without prior notice.

11. It is the policy of the owner not to allow social events and other functions (e.g. weddings, receptions, large cocktail parties,) PARTIES (that can cause damage and disturbance to neighbors) on the property without prior agreement. Permission will be required for any event where more than twice the number of people being accommodated in the rental property is attending. If permission is granted an additional fee may be charged. Violation of this will be seen as breach of contract and can lead to forfeiture of security deposit and IMMEDIATE departure from the rental property without compensation. Spanish laws prohibit music or any other noise after 24 hrs.

12.    Other charges: The expenses originated by the renter as a result of providing water, gas and electricity will be included in the price, except otherwise indicated. Not included is therefore heating, telephone or others. In any case IBIZA RURAL will communicate the approximate amount to pay for such concepts to the renter, if any.

13.    CANCELLATIONS: If, after your booking is confirmed, you wish to amend your booking we will try to accommodate these changes, but it may not always be possible. If you cancel your booking we will use our reasonable endeavours to allocate the property to another booking with the same rental period. However, we may only be able to allocate the property to another booking for part of the rental period. If we are unable to allocate the property to another booking, you will be liable for the total rental price.

The client will be able, at any moment to terminate the present renting contract, for which he will have pay IBIZA RURAL VILLAS the expenses of cancellation, which will be applied on the total amount of the rental initially arranged, as follows:



14.    UNFULFILlMENT AND ABANDONMENT: For clients claim IBIZA RURAL VILLAS will facilitate to the renter the necessary data to formulate the corresponding claim. Once initiated the renting, the abandonment or the resign of the rental home without right or cause determines the extinction of all right of reimbursement.

15.  ALTERATIONS OF BOOKINGS ON THE PART OF THE COMPANY: IBIZA RURAL VILLAS reserves the right to replace the property booked by the client by another analogous alternative as far as characteristics and location, in cases of greater force or when by other causes the renting could not take place.

16.  JURISDICTIONAL SUBMISSION: For any divergence that is provoked between the parts in order to the interpretation and/or fulfilment of the present contract the parts are put under, with express resignation to any other law that could correspond to them, to the Jurisdiction of the Courts of Ibiza.