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What to see and do on Ibiza? Discover the Island

Ibiza is an island that offers many possibilities to its visitors. With this excellent Ibiza guide you can discover in detail what to see and do on Ibiza, daytime as well as at night.


Wineries on Ibiza

28-08-2019, Culture on Ibiza, Restaurants in Ibiza

The island of Ibiza has a long winemaking tradition, as vines have been grown here since the 8th Century BC due to the influence of the Phoenicians, the Greeks and the Romans. What is more, the art of producing homemade wine known as “vi payés”, for personal enjoyment, has been handed down from...

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The best Beach Clubs of Ibiza

23-08-2019, Leisure on Ibiza

On Ibiza there is no end of beach clubs for enjoying a relaxing day in style while listening to the music of the best DJs, dancing in the sand or having a delicious lunch or dinner. There are many different types, from the simple and rustic to the really exclusive. Many even have a pool. Find...

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Ibiza’s best ice-cream shops

29-07-2019, Restaurants in Ibiza

Like all the best holiday resorts and with its yearlong warm climate, Ibiza is the ideal place to enjoy a sweet a refreshing treat like an ice-cream. Join us to discover the best ice-cream shops on Ibiza

Heladería Viccio

Mentioned by the famous blogger El Comidista as being among top 12...

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