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What to see and do on Ibiza? Discover the Island

Ibiza is an island that offers many possibilities to its visitors. With this excellent Ibiza guide you can discover in detail what to see and do on Ibiza, daytime as well as at night.

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Gay Bars and Gay Clubs on Ibiza

24-12-2018, Leisure on Ibiza, Ibiza, Clubbing in Ibiza

Ibiza is a gay-friendly destination. The island boasts a wide choice of parties as well as a great atmosphere both by day and night which caters for all types of clientele and where LGTB visitors will feel totally at ease. There are many gay bars and clubs on Ibiza, but it is worth...

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Ibiza: A destination for the famous

17-12-2018, Leisure on Ibiza, Ibiza

It is common knowledge that Ibiza is one of celebrities’ most popular destination in the world. Its turquoise waters, its nonstop party nightlife, its exclusive venues and its Mediterranean climate are undeniably factors which attract many famous people to Ibiza to holiday and to be seen....

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Where to see the dawn on Ibiza

10-12-2018, Ibiza, Leisure on Ibiza

One of the unmissable things for tourists to enjoy, and something we have spoken about in another post, is the sunset in Ibiza. However, dawn in Ibiza is a show of nature which is equally impressive and steeped in beauty, although of course, it is only suitable either for the early risers or...

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