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Leisure on Ibiza

What to do and visit on Ibiza. Find out more about our leisure offering of festivals and bars, as well as the different activities available to make the most of the island.


Discover Ibiza by boat

22-07-2019, Beaches in Ibiza, Leisure on Ibiza

Ibiza is a perfect destination to discover by boat, as it has so many spots which are only accessible from the sea. Renting a boat on Ibiza is an excellent way to make the most of its over 200 km of coastline. But please keep in mind that it is prohibited to cast anchor in the Meadows of...

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Water sports to do on Ibiza

15-07-2019, Leisure on Ibiza

With its over 200 km of coastline, Ibiza is a perfect place to enjoy the sea and the varied water sports on offer. The warm seas which are calm all year round, make it ideal for water activities even for beginners. In addition to snorkelling, diving and kayak all of which we have talked about...

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Kayak routes around Ibiza

15-04-2019, Leisure on Ibiza

Ibiza is ideal for water sports thanks to its pleasant climate and calm seas all year round. Kayaking is an experience you will just love.  The 200 km + coastline is surrounded by clear waters which let you can see the ocean floor, added to the fact that there are no strong currents nor waves...

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