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Discover Ibiza: information and news

Ibiza is part of the Balearic Islands and is 572 km² big, its population being 133.702 inhabitants. With more than 210km of coast with isles and rocks, its incredible beaches, discotheques, and landscapes attract special attention.


Celebrating your honeymoon on Ibiza

05-11-2018, Ibiza

Paradisiac beaches, sunsets, lively partying, rural enclaves for kicking back... Whether you are looking for peace and tranquillity or if you are into more lively holidays, Ibiza has numerous options and plans on offer, which makes it the perfect destination for enjoying an unforgettable...

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Tennis and padel clubs on Ibiza

29-10-2018, Ibiza

Ibiza is perfect for practising a number of sports, but racquet sports like padel and tennis have become particularly popular on the island in recent years. There are tons of great options available, so it is relatively easy to find places to play tennis or padel. In this post, we bring you...

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Agrotourism on Ibiza

22-10-2018, Ibiza

In spite of its international reputation for being the epicentre of nocturnal leisure, the White Island also has a lesser-known side, but one of exceptional beauty; we bring you agrotourism on Ibiza.


If you wish to disconnect during your holidays, forget the busy partying scene...

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