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Discover Ibiza: information and news

Ibiza is part of the Balearic Islands and is 572 km² big, its population being 133.702 inhabitants. With more than 210km of coast with isles and rocks, its incredible beaches, discotheques, and landscapes attract special attention.

Romantic plans on Ibiza

04-02-2019, Ibiza, Leisure on Ibiza

Ibiza is known for being a destination people fall in love with, which has even turned into a popular saying among outsiders living on the island, and the truth is that almost everyone who comes to the island, does so for love. In any event, Ibiza is a veritable paradise for love birds, and we...

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natural parksv Ibiza

Natural parks on Ibiza

28-01-2019, Ibiza, Culture on Ibiza

One of Ibiza’s most attractive features is the diversity and beauty of its natural surroundings. There are a number of natural parks on Ibiza that are considered of particular interest on account of their ecological and scenic value and whose natural beauty makes them worth visiting. Though...

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children playgrounds Ibiza

Children’s play areas on Ibiza

21-01-2019, Ibiza, Leisure on Ibiza

If you have opted for a family holiday, you might want to find out about Ibiza’s best known and most popular children’s play areas. Although the beach is continues to be the perfect option for the little ones to explore and play, we bring you some of Ibiza’s most popular children’s play areas...

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