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General Conditions

IBIZA RURAL VILLAS, company of real estate services, represented by JUANA H. Flores, NIF: 47258650K, manages and formalizes the present contract of renting in name and representation of the owner.

2.PRICES: The rental price includes IVA and is subject to the number of people, characteristics and equipment of the rental home. The formalization of booking for a number of people superior to the number of beds with which it is equipped, and whenever the characteristics of the rental home and the norm applicable to the case allow it, will suppose the collection of a supplement for each extra bed.

3.FORMALIZATION OF BOOKINGS: IBIZA RURAL VILLAS will send by fax or email to the client interested in booking a rental contract, accompanied by the general conditions. From that moment the client has four days to confirm the booking by the following system sending by fax or email to IBIZA RURAL VILLAS the following documentation:
a.)Receipt with date and stamp of the bank, stating the payment of 40% of the total price to IBIZA RURAL VILLAS bank account
b.)Rental contract signed
c.)Copy of passport or identity card
Formalized the booking, IBIZA RURAL VILLAS will confirm by means of fax or email, moment at which the booking is considered firm and will be of application, in the case of prevention of condition 7 in the matter of expenses of cancellation.

3.1 MAXIMUM OCCUPATION: the renter is at any moment committed to respect the maximum number of occupants whom the house accepts and/or the exact number of people when booking, reason why in no case an increased number is allowed. In opposite case Rural Ibiza will take other measures like extra collection or directly the evacuation.
(*) Except for last minute bookings (these are bookings made 2 weeks prior to arrival date), for which the confirmation time is two days.

4.DEPOSIT: The renter or their visitors are responsable of the possible flaws and/or damages that can be produced in the rental home and commit themselves to take care of the rental home, as well as to inform IBIZA RURAL VILLAS of any damage or flaw. When receiving the keys, the renter will have to deposit in cash to IBIZA RURAL VILLAS an amount that will guarantee the good maintenance and use, conservation, repair, replacement and cleaning of the rental home. The client has 48 hours to make sure of the good state of the rental home and to inform IBIZA RURAL VILLAS of the existence of any flaw or damage in the house.

5.Check-in/Check-out: The rental period will start from 15:00 hours, to 10:30 hours of the last day of stay, on which the keys will have to be returned to IBIZA RURAL VILLAS. In order to optimize the service it is essential that the hours of check-in and check-out are respected as per form.

6.Other charges: The expenses originated by the renter as a result of providing water, gas and electricity will be included in the price, except otherwise indicated. Not included is therefore heating, telephone or others. In any case IBIZA RURAL VILLAS will communicate the approximate amount to pay for such concepts to the renter.

7. CANCELLATIONS: The client will be able, at any moment to terminate the present renting contract, for which he will have pay IBIZA RURAL VILLAS the expenses of cancellation, which will be applied on the total amount of the rental initially arranged, as follows:



8. UNFULLFILLMENT And ABANDONMENT: For clients claim IBIZA RURAL will facilitate to the renter the necessary data to formulate the corresponding claim. Once initiated the renting, the abandonment or the resign of the rental home without right or cause determines the extinction of all right of reimbursement.

9. MODIFICATION OF BOOKINGS: The modification or prorogation of the dates contracted for the renting is subject to the availability of the rental home for such dates and will have to be asked for with a minimum advance of 30 days before the beginning of the rental. The term will be extended to a minimum of 45 days in the assumptions in which the client tries to modify the rental object.

10. ALTERATIONS OF BOOKINGS ON THE PART OF THE COMPANY: IBIZA RURAL reserves the right to replace the property booked by the client by another analogous alternative as far as characteristics and location, in cases of greater force or when by other causes the renting could not take place.

11. JURISDICTIONAL SUBMISSION: For any divergence that is provoked between the parts in order to the interpretation and/or fulfillment of the present contract the parts are put under, with express resignation to any other law that could correspond to them, to the Jurisdiction of the Courts of Ibiza.